Athlete Performance Testing


Athlete Performance Testing by Optimize Performance is now available on-site at both RunLab locations!

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An important component for making your training efficient and targeted is an accurate performance test.

A conventional lactate test or FTP test does not give the full metabolic profile of an individual. This can leave out a fair amount of important factors for training and racing. That is why we are using a revolutionary new development in the field of performance testing: Optimize Performance tests with INSCYD.

Testing with INSCYD, we are able to tell you exactly how your performance is composed, what you can do at the moment and with what training measures you and your coach can use to increase your performance to achieve your goals.

With Optimize Performance’s testing, your specific physiological performance profile will be composed of the following values:

  • VO2max – maximum oxygen uptake / aerobic capacity
  • VLAmax – maximum lactate formation rate / anaerobic (glycolytic) capacity
  • Anaerobic threshold
  • Percentage of VO2max utilization
  • Lactate build-up and how to recover the most efficient/fastest
  • Optimal Fat burning measures
  • Carbohydrate consumption in training and racing
  • Exercise economy – how efficient you are with your oxygen consumption

This performance profile also makes it possible to objectively assess where you stand in comparison to your goals and to other athletes of your age/performance class. Where your strengths are. And where there is room for improvement.

What will also set this test apart, is that you don’t have to go to the lab or treadmill to take your test if requested. We will test you under real conditions. Cyclists are tested on their bikes, with their power meters on a flat track or can be tested on the trainer. We can test runners on the 400m track (or treadmill) and swimmers in the pool. The tests are aligned as accurately as possible to your competition conditions.