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Coffee Mug with 1/2 lb. of coffee beans

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ROAR Blend: named for the song that gets our team dancing faster than any other. Start your morning with a ROAR (and if a dance party breaks out in your kitchen or car we won’t judge). Hints of chocolate with a zip of freshness on the finish.
COYONA: Instead of the modern washed method, Coyona’s farmers use the “natural process”, leaving the coffee cherries flavor-­laden fruit on the seed for days. The result? A sun­-dried bean with cognac and hints of raisin. A staff favorite. Source: PERU
COLOMBIA: Called the “Coffee of the Ancients”, you’re helping local farmers reclaim their independence from paramilitary encroachment through fair trade pricing for this small cooperative. Flavors of carmel and a nice buttery finish. Our #1 selling coffee when we make it iced (hint, freeze some ice cubes made of coffee too and you won’t water down your drink.
HONEY PROCESSED: In Honey­-processing the skins of the coffee cherries are removed, but some of the fruit pulp is left intact during drying. This yields an extra complex sweet flavor profile like no other. Our Honey Honduras will get you buzzing with its lush body and bold notes of cherry and fig.

DOUBLE FRENCH: Would you love to get woken up with a slap to the face by a waiter in Paris? That’s what this is like. It’s huge. And bold. And, dare we say, “smokey”? Other tasting info: zero acidity, full bodied. Our customers in the shop like it served both chaud and froid over la glace.

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Weight 23 oz