Gait Analysis

Q: Is the gait analysis billable to my insurance?
A: Absolutely! Gait Analysis and Evaluation can help prevent injury and we can bill it to insurance.

Q: Does it really require three appointments to get my gait analysis?
A: Yes! Your first appointment is a comprehensive history, physical exam, and range of motion evaluation. We will assess structural and functional limitations and evaluate injured areas. Your second appointment is a baseline strength assessment, followed by a full-body movement analysis. On your third appointment, we will sit down together to review your video and create a structured treatment plan based on the findings. Treatment will begin during that appointment; you will leave with a homework plan and shoe recommendations, as needed.


Q: Do you sell running shoes?
A: No, we no longer sell shoes. Fortunately, we work closely with our friends at Rogue Running to recommend a shoe based on your gait evaluation and biomechanical needs.


Q: Where are you located?
A: We currently have one office located downtown inside the Pressler SpeedShop. Our address is 410 Pressler St. See you soon!