Gait Analysis

Q: Is gait analysis billed to my insurance?
A: Absolutely! Gait Analysis and Evaluation can help prevent injury and we can bill it to insurance.

Q: Does it really require two appointments to get my gait analysis?
A: Yes! Your first appointment will allow us to videotape and analyze your gait, stride, and foot strike. Evaluating what happened and how we can fix it takes us time, so we schedule a follow-up appointment where we can provide you with video analysis, a shoe recommendation, exercises to improve your run.


Q: When do you sell shoes?
A: Typically, we only sell shoes to patients after a gait analysis. However, we do open our Lakeway location on Saturdays for public retail.

Q: Why don’t you sell shoes every day?
A: We only provide shoes to our patients because we have evaluated their gait, stride, and foot. We like to feel confident in our shoe recommendation, which is something we cannot provide with open retail.


Q: Do you provide all services at all locations?
A: Absolutely! Our Downtown and Lakeway offices are both fully equipped to treat, and we can have your shoes brought to our Downtown office for your appointment. However, on Saturdays at our Lakeway office we only provide retail shoe sales.