Q: Is the gait analysis billable to my health insurance?
A: Absolutely! Our comprehensive Medical Gait Analysis helps us evaluate your running-related injury as well as individual limiters which may predispose you to injury down the road. We are able to bill all of our services to insurance. Please give our business ops and billing director Lucas a call at 512-266-1000 ext 2 if you need help navigating the crazy world of your insurance, he is happy to help.

Q: Does it really require three appointments to get my gait analyzed?
A: Yes and you’ll be happy it does, because as much as you’ll love our team, you probably have things to do and don’t want to spend your entire day with us :). Your first appointment will include a comprehensive history, physical exam, and range of motion evaluation. We will assess structural and functional limitations and evaluate injured areas. Your second appointment includes a detailed baseline strength assessment, followed by a full-body movement analysis. On your third appointment, we will sit down together to review all of the collected data and create a structured treatment plan based on your individual findings and goals. Treatment will begin during that third appointment and you will leave with a homework plan and shoe recommendations, as needed. Please call us at 512-266-1000 ext 2 if you have additional questions about our process and what to expect, we are happy to answer any questions you have!


Q: Do you sell running shoes?
A: No, we no longer sell shoes through RunLab. Fortunately, we work closely with our friends at Rogue Running (located downstairs) to recommend a shoe based on your gait evaluation findings, goals, and biomechanical needs.


Q: Where are you located?
A: We currently have one office located downtown. We are upstairs inside of the 410 SpeedShop and our exact address is 410 Pressler St. Austin Texas 78703. We have free parking on-site and additional on-street overflow parking as needed. See you soon!


Q: My insurance sucks but I hear your massage therapists are awesome. Can I just get a sports massage without a gait evaluation?
A: Sure thing. We have some of the best LMTs you’ll find anywhere, with years of experience treating runners. We offer discounted cash rates for massage as needed. Please call us at 512-266-1000 ext 1 for details or to schedule a treatment. All of our therapists are slightly different in their approach, you can check each of them out under our “Treatment Team” section of the website, or you can call us to help you figure our which therapist is right for you.

Q: I hear that Dr Davis is a chiropractor. Can I get an adjustment during my treatment?
A: In short, no, but we will know where to send you. Dr Davis is our founder and CEO, and has built RunLab entirely around biomechanical evaluation of gait, performance development, and treatment of running-specific injuries. She has built the best team in Texas, and maybe in the United States, by focusing entirely on this concept and honing in on a necessary hole in healthcare for runners. As such, if she or her team find that spinal or extremity adjustments, or any other type of therapy that RunLab doesn’t offer in-house, are necessary, RunLab will refer you to one of our trusted partners. We work with several clinics on a regular basis that we trust for co-treatment of our patients.