Q: Is the Movement Analysis and Footwear Prescription™ analysis billable to my health insurance?
A: If you are able to visit one of our Austin, Tx clinics we can bill your health insurance for any of our services. Please mention that you would like to bill insurance when you reach out for an appointment. We will set you up to see one of our doctors in conjunction with your initial data-gathering visit in order to evaluate and current or recent injuries prior to moving on to the data-gathering portion of the appointment.   Our comprehensive Movement Analysis helps us evaluate any running-related injuries, as well as individual limiters which may predispose you to injury down the road. Please reach out to our back-office team at 512-266-1000 ext 4 if you need help navigating the crazy world of insurance. We are happy to help!

Q: How does the process work?
A: Your first appointment will include a comprehensive full-body structural, strength and range of motion evaluation. If you are struggling with current or recent injury, we will also evaluate the area(s) and refer for imaging if necessary. If you are able to run we will film you in several planes both in shoes and barefoot, and collect a large volume of data that will help us put your entire biomechanical picture together.  Once our team has analyzed all of your data, we will send you a video based report of findings. This allows you to view all of your videos and data from the comfort of your own home and in quick turnaround time. Not only do we go through your videos and data step by step, we also provide you with our patent-pending 14-page Movement Analysis Profile (MAP) and Footwear Prescription™ that describes each piece of the gait cycle in detail, along with what you need to work on to correct any limiters. You may then take your MAP to your favorite local provider to work on the issues identified. You may take your Footwear Prescription™ to your favorite local shoe store so they can help you choose the best model, based on our comprehensive recommendation, to suit your full-body biomechanics. Please call us at 512-266-1000 if you have additional questions about our process and what to expect, we are happy to answer any questions you have!


Q: Do you sell running shoes?
A: No, we do not sell shoes through RunLab. We prefer to work closely with our local shoe retailers and will provide you with our comprehensive Footwear Prescription™ so that you may shop at your favorite local store. Simply show them your Footwear Prescription™ so that they may choose the model(s) that suits your full-body biomechanical picture.


Q: Where are you located?
A: Our services are available to any runner, anywhere. We have two clinics in Austin, Texas and Gait Imaging Centers™ throughout the country. We also have a self-film option if you don’t happen to live near one of our facilities. You can find more information about our service at www.RunLab.us if you live outside the Austin area.  Our downtown Austin location is located upstairs inside of the 410 SpeedShop and our exact address is 410 Pressler St. Austin Texas 78703. Our North Austin location is located at 2305 Donley Drive, Austin Texas 78758. We have free parking on-site at both locations and additional on-street overflow parking as needed.


Q: My insurance sucks but I hear your massage therapists are awesome. Can I just get a sports massage without a Movement Analysis?
A: Sure thing. We have some of the best LMTs you’ll find anywhere, with years of experience treating runners. We offer discounted cash rates for massage as needed. Please call us at 512-266-1000 ext 1 for details or to schedule a treatment. All of our therapists are slightly different in their approach, you can check each of them out under our “Treatment Team” section of the website, or you can call us to help you figure our which therapist is right for you.

Q: I hear that Dr Davis is a chiropractor. Can I get an adjustment during my treatment?
A: Dr Davis is our founder and CEO, and has built RunLab entirely around biomechanical evaluation of gait, performance development, and treatment of running-specific injuries. She has built the best gait team in Texas, and maybe in the United States, by focusing entirely on this concept and honing in on revolutionizing healthcare for runners. RunLab does not practice like a traditional chiropractic clinic, but does offer chiropractic services if joint mobility is determined to be an issue that is limiting the bigger biomechanical picture.