At RunLab, we believe in active care. From simple sprains and strains to complex running injuries, our team will thoroughly evaluate your injury and work with you on a running-specific treatment plan based around your individual needs. Our goal is not only that you keep training through the healing process whenever possible, but that you come out stronger on the other side with a more thorough understanding of your own body.







Contrary to popular belief, there is no “ideal“ running form. Everyone has a different structural makeup and different goals, necessitating an in-depth running assessment and treatment plan to match your needs. Full body gait analysis not only helps our team determine your strengths and limiters, but it also serves as a useful feedback tool to help you understand your own movement mechanics. Our team of gait specialists has extensive training in clinical biomechanics and will work with you on your running technique with a focus on improved economy, performance development and injury prevention.




Normal and balanced range of motion is vital to achieving sound biomechanics. Our massage therapists have more than a decade of experience treating runners of every age and ability level. As athletes themselves, they each understand the unique needs of runners and strive not only to help you improve range of motion, but also to better understand your own anatomy.





Due to our large triathlon population, we offer medical bike fits to assess strengths and weaknesses both on and off the bike. Movement and loading patterns are important in determining the most appropriate fit for your current fitness level and injury status. Bike fit is an underutilized tool and should be regularly assessed when struggling with an injury. This is necessary to decrease load on the injured area until the healing process is complete. In the uninjured triathlete, a proper bike fit can help improve economy when running off the bike.




In addition to leading a national Clinical Gait Specialist Certification program, The RunLab team works closely with both Austin area coaches and national health and fitness care organizations to develop and teach gait training techniques, running biomechanics and injury prevention seminars. Our team believes strongly in community service and regularly gives back to the Austin community by donating time to several Austin high school cross country and track programs, Texas 4000, and other local sports clubs in order to help coaches develop injury prevention programs for their adolescent runners. RunLab also launched Kayleigh’s Club in 2017, one of the only special needs running groups in the country, geared toward individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who want the opportunity to experience the joys of running and racing.