Gait Analysis



Whether you need an injury assessment and rehab plan, are starting to run for the first time and want to prevent injury, are looking to improve your efficiency and speed at any distance, want to learn more about your own anatomy, or need shoe recommendations, RunLab is the right place for you.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as “ideal” running form across a population. Each runner has a unique set of strengths and limiters that must be taken into consideration when developing individual running technique.

For this reason, every new RunLab patient with weight-bearing ability begins with a full body gait analysis in addition to a detailed static, functional, and orthopedic exam prior to formulating a plan.

At RunLab, we believe that a thorough assessment of movement patterns, neuromuscular control, and clinically relevant biomechanical factors should be at the heart of every running-injury assessment and are necessary components of a comprehensive evaluation. As thought leaders in the industry, we are revolutionizing health care for runners and believe that patients need education, gait and strength training, and a healthcare team who understands their needs. Our evaluation process reflects the fact that we believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to understanding an individual’s biomechanics and determining the best roadmap for moving forward. We also believe that your goals are an important part of developing the right plan for you, whether that means tackling your first ultra marathon or simply getting out your own front door to improve your health.

We have worked with thousands of runners spanning every age and ability level, from Olympian, junior Olympian and professional to those lacing up their first pair of running shoes. If you have questions please call us! If we aren’t the right team for you we’ll know where to send you.

Call us at 512-266-1000 ext. 1 to book an appointment at our Austin clinic. Our Gait Analysis process is typically covered by your health insurance and we are happy to help you navigate your insurance plan if you have questions.


Don’t have the time, space, expensive equipment, or detailed biomechanics knowledge to perform gait evaluation on your patients or clients but you know they need it? Let us help! We will walk you through the filming process, analyze your patient’s mechanics, and provide you with a detailed diagnostic report containing suggested strength, gait, and shoe modifications so you can do the fun part…fix them! Please call 512-266-1000 ext 2 for information.

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