Movement Analysis & Gait Evaluation

Did you know that the way you move is as unique to you as your fingerprint?  Why try to run like everyone else when you aren’t built like everyone else?

Our healthcare team understands the complex relationship between individual structure, range-of-motion, goals, strengths and limiters, and will help you understand the way YOU move.

Step 1: Filming & Data Capturing Session

Includes a full-body assessment to evaluate your unique structure and video-capture of your running/walking stride from multiple angles.

Step 2: Video Based Report of Finding

We analyze the information from step 1 then provide a video based consultation of your running (walking) videos and data identifying injury prone areas and performance limiters.  We include a detailed 14-page report breaking down important information from your full-body assessment including a recommended Footwear Prescription™.

Step 3: Follow Up Session

Personal session with our team to work on exercises and receive a recommended plan on how to improve moving forward based on your individual findings.  Additional Gait Training sessions are important to include a mix of mobility, stability, strength, movement training, and running with direct feedback depending on what your unique needs are.  Our end goal is to help you gain more awareness of you body’s movement patterns, how to make these movements more efficient, and help improve the underlying physiological attributes to levels they need to be at for you to execute your movement goals.


*Most major insurances are accepted for on-site services