Clinical Movement Analysis




The process: 1st appointment in the clinic (1 hour) / 48-72 hrs later you will receive your Movement Analysis Profile (MAP) as well as a video based report of findings / This is followed up by a 2nd, follow-up appointment back in our clinic (1 hour).

The initial visit is for us to evaluate your goals, running history, and any current or recent injuries along with a large volume of data capture, including assessment of your individual structure, range-of-motion, baseline strength and balance, and finally video-capture of your gait (both shod and barefoot) in multiple planes.

The follow-up appointment is to review all of your data from the initial visit, plus a review of your Movement Analysis Profile (MAP) and report of findings. This time is also used to establish a plan for you moving forward.

Please note: if you’d like to gift a Clinical Movement Analysis please head to our Gift Card option and enter the dollar amount you’d like to purchase (Full Clinical Movement Analysis pricing is $350).