Virtual Metabolic Testing


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The purpose of this highly efficient test is to take you on a fitness journey that truly reveals your V02max, VLamax, anaerobic threshold, training zones, and magnifies your body’s struggle areas so you can laser focus on exactly what you need to eat, how you should train, and how you can use your body to its full capabilities.

Your metabolic profile will include:

  • Maximum aerobic performance (VO2max)
  • Maximum glycolytic performance (VLamax)
  • Accumulation and recovery of lactate
  • Fat and Carbohydrate combustion rates
  • Aerobic v anaerobic energy contribution ratios
  • Anaerobic Threshold

Virtual/Remote process: test protocol will be sent to athlete to be completed on their own. The test process and important information will be reviewed in a scheduled Zoom meeting prior to the testing. Athlete will complete the protocol and return the .FIT file via email for data analysis. Data will be sent back to the athlete within 24 hours, and a virtual Results Consultation will be scheduled, where you’ll receive your Expert Analysis & Data Evaluation.