Bundle: Clinical Movement Analysis + Sweat Sodium Testing




Receive $50 off when you bundle your Clinical Movement Analysis with a Sweat Sodium Test, regularly priced $649!


The process: 1st appointment in the clinic (1 hour) / 48-72 hrs later you will receive your Movement Analysis Profile (MAP) as well as a video based report of findings / This is followed up by a 2nd, follow-up appointment back in our clinic (1 hour).

The initial visit is for us to evaluate your goals, running history, and any current or recent injuries along with a large volume of data capture, including assessment of your individual structure, range-of-motion, baseline strength and balance, and finally video-capture of your gait (both shod and barefoot) in multiple planes.

The follow-up appointment is to review all of your data from the initial visit, plus a review of your Movement Analysis Profile (MAP) and report of findings. This time is also used to establish a plan for you moving forward.


Maintaining the right sodium levels in your blood is crucial for performing at your best when you’re sweating for long periods of time, especially in the heat, but a lot of athletes don’t know how much sodium they should replace.

That’s because we all lose a different amount of sodium in our sweat, and it can vary massively between individuals, from as little as 200mg/liter to as much as 2000+mg/liter of sweat, mainly determined by your genetics!

The process: the Precision Hydration Sweat Sodium Test is a 45min, non-invasive, done at rest, one time test that will give you an immediate and accurate feedback on how much sodium you lose in your sweat. You’ll receive a personalized hydration strategy to use before, during, and after training and competing.