Strength Training To Enhance Running Performance and Prevent Running Injuries

Integrating strength training to enhance running performance and prevent running injuries is important for all levels of runners.  At RunLab, it is not uncommon to hear from clients, “I can barely do a push-up.” “I never do strength training. I don’t want the bulk to slow me down.”  Runners need more strength as a population. This … Read more

How Flexible Do You Need To Be To Run Efficiently?

How flexible do you need to be to run efficiently?  Is being more flexible better for injury prevention, or worse?  Should I be able to touch my toes?  Should I be bending myself up at Yoga classes like a pretzel?  Should I even stretch at all?!? We are not likely to put an end to … Read more

How Anatomical Structure Can Affect Running Mechanics

Wondering how anatomical structure can affect running mechanics?  Have you ever heard “You look funny when you run, you should be facing your feet forward!” This single statement, usually coming from a well-intentioned friend, trainer, coach, or therapist who knows just enough to be dangerous in the world of running biomechanics, accounts for weekly, if … Read more

Is There A Right Way To Run?

Is there a right way to run

THE MYTH: There is a “right” way and a “wrong” way to run.THE REALITY: There are a LOT of right and wrong ways to run, it depends on your structure, range-of-motion, strengths, limiters, injury history, and goals. Seem like a lot to consider?!?! It is!  Read on… There are more runners hitting the trails than … Read more